UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber®



UMORFIL® is a new brand of Beauty Fiber® , it’s the combination of Latin “Umor” and French “Fil”. Umor means moisture and fil means yarn. UMORFIL® is a new functional fiber brand which use Nano tech to integrate collagen peptide into fiber, UMORFIL® provides moisture, skin-friendly feel and made of natural materials, can be decomposed by earth. 『Skin-friendly and moisture/ Natural and environmental protection』. UMORFIL® make you feel more, and beyond your imagination for cozy and comfortable experience!


UMORFIL® Fiber is a recycled fiber of animal protein materials; it is composed by collagen peptide and rayon fiber, which can be decomposed by earth. UMORFIL® Fiber has the features such as silk-like sheen, cashmere-like lubricating and linen-like moisture control. It can fulfill the pursuit of nature, comfortable, leisure life and personalize style.


UMORFIL® Fiber is polymerized by Nano-Technology from collagen peptide with hundreds times of experiment and failure. Use UMORFIL® Fiber and pumped into yarn and then mix spinning into fabric, this fabric thus composed of collagen peptide on the interface. UMORFIL® Fiber is friendly to the skin with moisture function, cozy to wear, and the most unique point of this fiber is collagen peptide ingredient will keep active even after washing, which provide a persistent quality and functionality for the textile products.