New version of Camangi WebStation is released on April 5


Press release April 01, 2010


Camangi WebStation hit the market last December. It’s been recognized as the first 7-inch Android tablet. Being a leading brand in this industry, Camangi is ready to release a new version that provides firmware updates and more superior applications to the customers. The company released their new updated version tablet just right before the iPad shipment, it seems the company has determined that they are not going to be absent from this battle of tablets arising by Apple and Google.


Many companies have claimed that they are going to launch their tablet soon, but we only see few that actually show us the finished products. Camangi says that new version is going to refurbish their brand and impress their customers. The company announced the reversion hours ago, and new products will be ready for market within days. Camangi already started the updating process for their current customers. There were thousands of devices returned so users can get their free updates. Seems Camangi is determined to fulfill customer satisfaction and are working hard on that. So if you are a Camangi WebStation owner and haven’t signed in for renewal, you should get in contact with Camangi now.


Camangi claimed that they’ve solved several technical issues and improved the performance of WebStation. They also pointed out that the new version integrates many practical applications which will bring a better user experience. Aldiko and fring are the two highlight applications in this reversion. Aldiko is a wonderful ebook reader supporting thousands of book collections for free. And it’s easy to read and organize your books. Another featured application, fring, is well known as mobile application for communications via the most popular networks in the world.



PR contact Janis Lee

Director of Sales & Marketing Dept.

Camangi Corporation