Buy a Camangi WebStation to get $600 cashback


Press Release January 20, 2010


Launched in December of last year, Camangi WebStation is ready to take orders through their online store by Amazon. Camangi has announced a cashback program which can be seen as Camangi’s m-commerce deployment for responding to the growing demand of mobile shopping market. Through this exciting program, online shoppers will be able to participate in the concept of a cloud device by integrating into their lives.


Camangi proclaims that the WebStation is a dream device for online shoppers. If you are familiar with online shopping, and enjoy buying things online all the time, you might want to get a WebStation right after reading this article. As indicated, if you want to participate in this program, you must purchase a Camangi WebStation during the period of January 18 to March 30, 2010. From the moment you own a Camangi WebStation, you’ll earn 4% cashback rewards on purchases through Camangi’s online store powered by It also means that there are hundreds and thousands of products you can choose to buy and get discounts on. In addition, all of your purchases are protected through a trusting and secured payment system, not to mention a fast and efficient fulfilling service. You could be rewarded up to $600 cashback on all of your purchases.


Camangi quotes that Camangi WebStation will be a 7” Android tablet. Features such as Web surfing, eBook, digital frame and media center will showcase the capability of an open Android platform welcomed by application developers all around the world. With a high-resolution, 800×480 pixels display, the device barely weights 13.75 ounces providing an easily readable screen while maintaining high portability.


Users are encouraged to carry their WebStation all day as a companion for anywhere at anytime. It performs perfectly as an e-reader, music player, and a chic digital frame. Another great thing is that you can download applications for entertainment, business, daily life improvement, and of course, hundreds of available games. It’s light, slim, and fashionable. Get rid of your cumbersome laptop and let Camangi WebStation smartly replace it in your bag. You’re encouraged to create your own user experience, and Camangi WebStation can be fitted in every moment of your life perfectly.



Media Contact:

Camangi (USA) Incorporated

Janis Lee

Director of Sales and Marketing Dept.