Camangi Launches 7-inch Android WebStation


Press Release October 21, 2009


Camangi introduces the world’s first 7-inch Android Internet Tablet, Camangi WebStation, running on Google Android with a high-resolution touch screen.


Newport Beach, USA, - Oct. 21- Camangi Corp., a leading company in web integration and platform industry, has announced a brand new Camangi WebStation Internet Tablet featuring a highly polished 7-inch touch display running under Android OS. Features such as Web surfing, eBook, digital frame and media center will showcase the capability of an open Android platform welcomed by application developers all around the world. With a high-resolution, 800×480 pixels display, the device barely weights 13.75 ounces providing an easily readable screen while maintaining high portability. The world’s first 7-inch Android Camangi WebStation will take the Android OS to a whole new boundary not confined by smaller devices.


“We’re really proud and confident to launch the Camangi WebStation to the market. It gives user an easier way to embrace the Internet and media anytime and anywhere all within a stylish Internet portable device,” said James Hou, the CEO of Camangi Corporation. “To satisfy the demands for more applications, Camangi will also introduce the ’Camangi Market’ which contains useful Android apps for 5 to 9-inch portable devices all directly available for download.”


The smooth-running on Android OS of 7-inch Camangi WebStation will bring another shockwave to the consumer electronic market. The device offers another option for buyers looking for a handheld device that can fulfill basic Internet demands on the go, or to enjoy media experience besides using a computer or a cell phone. Many developers and early adopters believe that Camangi WebStation with its stylish design has not only opened another boundary for Android based Internet Tablet/ handheld, but it has also sparked a war between Android’s biggest competitor, Microsoft Windows.


About Camangi

Camangi is an international company founded in 2002 and specializes in Internet Communication. Our products and services include Web Talk patent technology, VoIP solutions, value-added application platform, and modules for web services. Discerning the future trend and located a potential market for an Internet capable portable device with a comfortable screen size, Camangi is ready to expand into a new territory aimed at providing solutions for 5 to 9-inch Android devices. The launch of the 7-inch WebStation, also the world’s first 7-inch Android device, is the best portrayal of our commitment.


Furthermore, to provide even more useful applications for Android users, Camangi also introduces the Camangi Market, which is an online communication & transaction platform for users to upload/ download useful Android apps for 5 to 9-inch portable devices.


The introduction of these services serves as the epitome of Cloud Computing by integrating the best of online platform operation along with development of the latest portable device. Camangi is committed to developing more medium-sized Android portable devices in the near future and we hope that our quality products will provide a smarter and easier way to let you embrace the new technology.



Media Contact:

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Janis Lee

Director of Sales and Marketing Dept.


Camangi Corporation (Taiwan Headquarter)

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