Camangi launches new version of Softphone


CamangiTalk focus on ODM VoIP service for carriers


Press release June, 2009


Camangi releases a new version of CamangiTalk. Contacts-oriented design and diverse call-related functions featured in the new version.


With more IM orientation was developed at this stage. Camangi also plans to integrate Video conferencing and SMS communication in future roadmap to make new version more powerful to create a successful user experience. User friendly process and function design empowers users the best experience on softphone putting CamangiTalk as new benchmark in the international VoIP industries.


(Telecommunication)conducted an interview with Shishido Katsuya, the president of Camangi Japan recently. Mr. Shishido announced the Camangi communication software technology. In addition, he also revealed the future collaboration and expectation for MVNO business model. Camangi indicated that they will soon begin to discuss the cooperation matters with the largest MVNO company in Japan.


On the strength of outstanding development capability and unique voice quality, CamangiTalk offers a total solution providing client softphone, and backend management systems. Carriers see benefits from high compatibilities of CamangiTalk integrated with their existing systems and customized VoIP service that enables to come out ready-to-market value-added VoIP services and help them win customers and bring extra revenues.



PR contact

Janis Lee

Director of Sales & Marketing Dept.

Camangi Corporation