Camangi Web Talk Extended Applications:


The Outstanding Technology Platform for Enhancing Capacity



Press release October, 2007


Since the Web Talk and electronic maps' Web Talk are popular in the telecommunication industry, we have found the development and license of the Web Talk's standard source from a Taiwan software company- Camangi. In Taiwan, Many banks' call centers, securities, and government institutions enjoy the use of the Camangi Web Talk now. In Japan, Camangi creates the successful case of Taiwan software technology promoting abroad, because some telecommunication companies are attracted by Camangi's outstanding technology and adopt Camangi Web Talk as their technological standard.


Camangi CEO , Mr. Hou Er Ren, figures that Camangi Web Talk not only has found favor with Japan market, but also has attracted the companies of America and Europe to negotiate the technology cooperation and license. Above experiences also display the Camangi model, concentrating on the development of standard software platform, would be the new trend for the present OEM/ODM modes in Taiwan.


With Camangi Web Talk applying broadly in the web page communications, the role of the web page would change from a simple product introducer to a communications interface interacting immediately with customers. In the same way, Web Map would not just provide the map search function. Through the Camangi's technology, users could connect directly with online information's download-link to do the free voice conversation with merchants. Above solution changes and advances the industry's marketing and exchange modes from the 2D plane static marketing in the past to the 3D Internet immediate exchange.


For the most representative example-Google Map, users may check the destination's information and traffic info. In addition, vendors can register and display the store's information. At this moment, we just need to integrate electronic map and Web Talk technology. Then, users could not only check their itineraries and stores' information but also call out to merchants directly. In the end, such combination would enrich Web Map's additional value and capacity.


From the cooperation of electronic map and Web Talk technology, we could descry that the web page application tacking on the convenience of web page telephony will be the most popular value added service of e-commerce or other Internet applications. For example, the Web Operator, eMap Talk, or Web Call Center.and so on, would be the trend of the next Internet generation.



PR contact

Janis Lee

Director of Sales & Marketing Dept.

Camangi Corporation