The Web 2.0 phenomenon in the Intelligent Times



Press release September 2006


(the Institute for Information Industry) has hold a Web 2.0 international conference, named "The Web 2.0 phenomenon in the Intelligent Times". The conference is especially prepared from Asian perspectives addressing the views and practices in this region from different angles. For this, some internationally-known Web2.0 speakers and experts will be invited, including Max Fang (Chairman and CEO of MAXIMA Capital Management).


In Max's speech, he talked about potential company based on VC's point of view. And he also recommends some well known and successful internet related companies. Among the recommended list, Max has highly mentioned Camangi Corporation with Click and Talk technology. Among all technical providers, Camangi is the only one from Taiwan. With high tech voice compression technique, Camangi offer Click and Talk technology on BLOG, auction and yellow page service. Max has mentioned that Camangi in Indian race is the second large group under Apache, but after he talked with CEO of Camangi, James Hou. He finally knew that Camangi in Taiwanese means "Toll free call". And this draws audience attention and laughing right away! This article is according to 2006/09/26 Web 2.0 international conference in TICC. Camangi pay highly appreciation to Max's support, for Camangi team members, e-commerce has rapidly developed and need next killer application to meet this competitive era. Web 2.0 is only a concept for newer internet technology development; more valuable is not only letting users to browse, to read or to write on the website, but to talk on the website.



PR contact

Janis Lee

Director of Sales & Marketing Dept.

Camangi Corporation