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Camangi Corporation was found in 2002. The company focuses on the business of Internet Communication which includes Web Talk Technology Development, Value Added Application Platform for Websites, Development & Sales of VOIP Software Technology, VOIP Hardware Technology Development & Sales. Camangi focus on communication software development. And we own patented Web Talk technology. Camangi tries to establish the most convenient and excellent B2C /C2C and B2B communication platform to fulfill the interactive requirement from internet and telecom world. In the transition between from Web2.0 era to Web3.0, Camangi brings the most outstanding products to the clients. Our software is high quality and unique.


From 2009, Camangi aim to provide more mobility product and service, which lead to a series of Android Tablet products and own brand app store “Camangi Market”, which provide applications to Android Tablet to the world. From 2012, Camangi Market also enter the Smart TV category to provide applications for Smart TV product.


After 10 years operation, Camangi is approaching to a more strategic position and diversified the service to 3 main business model: 1)IT service 2)Textile business and 3)Consultant Service, except the existing technical product and clouding service, Camnagi announce new textile fiber brand “UMORFIL”, which combines fish collagen peptide into the fiber, this new brand is expected to bring a new era of the textile business.





  • Developing and marketing more diversified clouding service.
  • Continuously work on technical territories and providing excellent It product to contribute on international business, Committed to provide better life for human beings via new textile fiber brand.
  • Create more innovative business model and manage new product/service business model.




Camangi announce new textile business and fiber brand “UMORFIL” beauty fiber to the world.
Sep 2012
Camangi announce latest Android Tablet model “Mangrove7”
Aug 2011
Camangi Market billing system launched.
Sep 2010
Camangi announced new type of Android Tablet and named "FM600".
Aug 2010
NEC Biglobe announce to use Camangi WebStation for clouding service.
Apr 2010
Camangi Market aims on Android Tablet launched.
Dec 2009
The world’s first 7-inch Android Internet Tablet, Camangi WebStation launched
Dec 2009
17 Free Call service launched
Sep 2009
Loip online voice service platform launched
Mar 2009
Camangi software has introduced to Japan's MVNO market, and announced CamangiTalk VoIP over 3G packet application in the press conference of IPO company "Japan Communications Inc."
Apr 2008
Camangi web Talk becomes a standard of M-Taiwan
Mar 2008
Camangi and TWK launch 'Web0800 Service".
Mar 2008
So-net and Camangi launch a Biz Web Talk service to create new business model for ISP industry.
Nov 2007
Camangi Mobile Talk in field testing
Oct 2007
Insrea launch G-Talk on "Audition Online" Online Game in Taiwan
Jun 2007
strategic alliance with Japan IP Carrier
Nov 2006
Camangi Web Talk patent granted
Mar 2006
GTD upgrade to Camangi Talk technology(Click and Talk)
Nov 2005
Makoto Bank Web800 service Launch (First Web Call Center Case)
Oct 2005
Camangi MailTalk Solution develop
Mar 2005
YamGTD service launch by
Dec 2004
PC to Phone Service Launch
Oct 2004
Camangi LoIP Launch (GameTalk)
Jun 2004
Camangi Web Talk technology begin to develop
Dec 2003
Camangi GTD Softphone Launch
Jul 2003
In-house GTD Core completed
Nov 2002
Company Founded
Aug 2002